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"Well,okay. I will let you out." The little Klaus opened the cover of the boxand took out the priest. The priest gave him a package filled with gold coins.When the little Klaus came back to town with packages of gold coins, the bigKlaus was astonished. "How on earth did a stupid guy like you make so muchmoney?" "I just sold my horse skin." The little Klaus saidpretending that nothing had happened.

As soon as thebig Klaus heard the little Klaus, he killed his four horses and removed theirskin. He went to the market to sell them, but no one wanted to buy his horseskin at an expensive price. The big Klaus was very angry when he found out thathe was fooled and came back to town.

"You liedto me, you are evil!" The big Klaus seized the little Klaus and pushed himinto a bag, and he bound it up tightly. "I will throw you into ariver." While the big Klaus was carrying the bag on his shoulder to ariver, he found a church. "I have to pray for a moment." The bigKlaus put the bag down in front of the church and went in.

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